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Business Development Internship
10am to 7 pm
Support the sales team in achieving their targets by assisting with lead generation, prospecting, and cold calling potential clients. Conduct market research and analysis to identify potential customers and industry trends. Assist in preparing and delivering sales presentations to potential clients, highlighting the benefits and features of our products or services. Collaborate with the sales team to create and maintain a customer database, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information. Assist in the preparation of sales reports, including tracking sales activities, analyzing data, and identifying areas for improvement. Participate in sales meetings and training sessions to enhance product knowledge and sales techniques. Provide excellent customer service by promptly responding to client inquiries and addressing their needs and concerns. Work closely with the sales team to identify and develop upselling and cross-selling opportunities with existing clients. Collaborate with marketing and other departments to support promotional campaigns and sales initiatives. Stay updated on industry trends, competitors, and new product developments to provide valuable insights and suggestions for improvement

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